The emergence of ‘teleworking’ has redefined the traditional office or workplace. But the complexity of the new WHS framework means businesses need to address a range of challenging regulatory and compliance obligations.

This means implementing guidelines, policies and procedures to keep your workforce and you safe!

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As a ‘Person Conducting Business or Undertaking’ (PCBU), you have an obligation to deliver, track and manage a relevant and practical WHS induction. As a web-based WHS induction specialist, WorkPro offers a specific induction for working alone and teleworkers.

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When an individual is ‘working alone’ or teleworking, they can be exposed to greater health and safety risks. This e-book outlines general hazards involved in these working circumstances, helps you to understand your obligations, and provides practical tools to manage the risk.

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Employers checklist

This practical checklist can be used to prepare an agreement for a worker who is to undertake a teleworking role. The checklist will help you to work through your obligations to ensure all of the details of the arrangement are taken in to consideration.

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Employees checklist

This checklist is designed as a guide for employees to independently assess their home office environment. This guide has been developed to align with Australian legislative requirements and Ergonomic best practice. Employees should also be made aware of all relevant policies and procedures covering health and safety matters related to working from home.

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