Blog - 18/11/2013

In this second of three blogs relating to implementing a systematic teleworking regime for your workplace, this blog puts some context around, and provides practical tips for devising a request form and process for employees who wish to work from home.

It also coincides with National Teleworking Week, a national government initiative, aiming to raise awareness and provide training material to get people involved in working from home.

In our first blog, we considered details of a person’s role, provided some guidance for the development of a working from home policy and procedure, and referred to the development of a working from home request form. If you missed the blog, you can pick it up here:

When you are formulating a working from home structure, it is important that you develop a formal process for the request for working from home. It may seem over the top, but this is an important element to ensure all parties understand and agree to the arrangement.

The request must be formally made by the employee who will be working from home, and a written response to decline or accept the request should be provided by you within 21 days.

Here are some suggestions for a formal request form:

  • Reason for requesting to work from home
  • Current Arrangement and Schedule & Proposed Arrangement and Schedule
  • Job Description, and tasks undertaken on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, etc
  • Details of the duties to be performed at home
  • Core hours to be undertaken at home
  • Start and end date for working from home (if applicable)
  • Has the worker agreed to a formal home work area assessment?
  • A suggested review process to constructively monitor and address any issues      about the arrangement

Other things to consider including as part of the request form and in your policy:

  • Requests must be approved in advance by the employee
  • Not all jobs and roles will be appropriate to work from home
  • Arrangements will be considered on a case by case, and in accordance with the needs, requirements, and constraints of the business and the employee.

Keep your eye out for the next blog, outlining the Authorisation Process, including risk assessment review and work health and safety induction and checklist, review of equipment and support that will be necessary, details and formalisation of the communication system to be implemented, reporting structure, and the review process.

Don’t forget that WorkPro offers a FREE e-book on working alone, which includes some elements of working from home arrangements –

Happy telework week!

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