The HR Dept joins forces with WorkPro!

The HR Dept joins forces with WorkPro!

partner program - 24/06/2019

HR on-demand franchise business model, the HR Dept, have partnered with WorkPro to offer their clients a cost-effective workforce compliance solution.

On-demand HR is becoming an increasingly attractive option as the regulatory landscape evolves. With 80% of all Australian businesses made up of small to medium organisations, the HR Dept franchise operation is an exciting and logical prospect for business owners to partner with, rather than in-sourcing HR expertise.

The partnership with WorkPro allows the HR Dept to extend their specialist portfolio by leveraging a trusted program to help their clients manage employee background screening and safety information, and assist with the fast administration of collecting and monitoring important licences, tickets and documents. The partnership provides their clients with a flexible program that centralises a broad range of tasks and processes, without the need to develop and maintain their own.

“WorkPro gives our franchisees the opportunity to offer a robust, trusted screening and onboarding program to their portfolio of customers, that is designed to quickly and easily provide a fully compliant, yet flexible service, as and when they need it. We also love that WorkPro are constantly evolving and expanding the services and products that they offer,” said Sarah Fox, International Franchise Manager, HR Dept.

“The HR Dept supports SME’s throughout Australia, offering them the same service as an in-house HR department. Some clients need citizenship and work rights checks, others need safety inductions, while others may need to collect and monitor employment related licences, tickets and accreditations. The value of WorkPro is their breadth of services and centralisation of functions, allowing for flexibility from engagement to engagement.”

“The program enables our clients to be compliant with legislation, which is crucial to the success of their business.”

Tania Evans, CEO of WorkPro commented on the impact of presenting work ready candidates quickly through accurate, efficient services, in an on-demand delivery environment.

“Adherence to workforce compliance is important to every business. Size is irrelevant. By making an affordable program like WorkPro available, the HR Dept is encouraging their clients to implement good governance to every worker engagement, reducing business risk. By aggregating important employee screening, induction and compliance components in one place, it ensures they manage the process accurately and consistently while eliminating manual administration.”

WorkPro and the HR Dept are #BetterTogether

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