The Three R’s of the WorkPro Partner Program

The Three R’s of the WorkPro Partner Program

Blog - 08/07/2019

Partnerships with highly regarded brands are a great way to extend your business portfolio, provide a greater service to your customers, diversify your network of users and grow your sales footprint. The impact on brand recognition, innovation and sales can be enormous.

Good partnership alignment presents unique opportunities to businesses. The opportunity to collaborate and present new ideas and solutions to customers means stronger relationships and results in better business outcomes.

Uncovering the benefits of a WorkPro Partnership

WorkPro is an online workforce compliance solution that aggregates background checks, monitors employment specific licences, tickets and documents, and offers a broad learning library. The Partner Program offers businesses the chance to extend their business portfolio and align with a positive brand, without having to build your own platform, so you can remain focused on your business strengths.

Whether you integrate, resell or refer, a partnership with WorkPro can greatly accelerate your business growth.

Discover the buzz around becoming a partner below:

1) Build your Reputation – Make an impression

Educate, inform, solve. A partnership with WorkPro can significantly build your credibility. Educating clients about workforce compliance obligations and presenting them with a solution, will raise your profile and enhance your brand. Expand the value you deliver and raise standards; be seen to go beyond what is expected.

2) Establish Strong Retention – Extend your portfolio without the effort

Cement your expertise within your industry and stand out from your competitors. Establish strong relationships with your clients through quality services.

3) Increase Revenue– Generate additional sales

A partnership with WorkPro can grow your network and increase your sales opportunity by expanding your service offering.

Give your clients more reasons to say “yes” with the Partner Program. Business is #BetterTogether.

To find out more about the Partner Program, make sure you visit:

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