There is an alternative to using Ministry of Justice for Criminal Conviction Checks

There is an alternative to using Ministry of Justice for Criminal Conviction Checks

instant NZ police check. - 22/09/2014

You may or may not be aware that the Ministry of Justice NZ has started offering the market an alternative to a ‘standard’ 20-business day turnaround on their criminal conviction checks or CCH’s.

This is really great market progress and a service that will be warmly embraced.

The new alternative service, a paid service is a ‘priority check’, and a commitment by the Ministry to return a check within 5-business days, providing all of the documentation is in order.

And whilst this service is a welcome alternative, it has created an issue amongst some of the business community. The Ministry is insisting that all companies choose a service level for ALL of their checks; in other words, all of your checks must be either priority or standard – no mix and match on a check-by-check basis. Given there is a cost associated with priority checks, this may cause cash flow problems, and also margin pressure for some roles if you are a recruiter.

WorkPro, a web-based employee screening and induction solution recognises that aside from cash flow, a priority check may not always be necessary, and that’s where we come in.

WorkPro has signed a third party agreement with the Ministry. We will be set up and ready to offer you the option to use our web-based user-interface to process all of your checks, making a priority or standard service selection check-by-check by 1 November 2014! This means you can enjoy a 5-day turnaround on checks that you need quickly, and select a 20-business day turnaround as it suits.

This service will be charged at a cost of $10 per check, invoiced monthly in arrears.

So here is your opportunity. If you are interested in hearing more or you would like to sign up for this service, click here.

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