User Guides

1. Requesting an Individual to complete WorkPro

This is where the WorkPro journey begins. From inside the platform you can:

  • Quickly view what has previously been completed by a candidate and verify and process the check or induction result
  • Send a new WorkPro request
  • Track all requests sent to an individual.

2. Processing a Police Check

WorkPro offers a simple and quick method to request an individual to complete a police check, and you an easy method of processing and administering all of checks.

Our workflow is designed with compliance and transparency a priority. Coupled with our Federal Government integration, all results are available almost instantly.


WorkPro offers a secure and seamless integration with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Visa Entitlement Verification (VEVO) database. With results returned instantly, it is a powerful component of your compliance program.

The way you utilise the work entitlement functionality is very flexible and may even change from candidate to candidate.

You have the option of choosing whether you request the individual to complete their citizenship information through the registration area, or you can enter the details and submit the request yourself within your company’s dashboard.

Best of all, this function comes free with any other WorkPro subscribed service.

4.Processing a NZ Ministry of Justice Check

WorkPro’s NZ Ministry of Justice check offers exceptional flexibility and transparency.

  • The flexibility to choose a paid-priority check or free standard check for every check
  • The flexibility to choose who completes the paperwork (the candidate or you on behalf of the candidate)
  • A transparent dashboard to quickly track, manage and audit all checks
  • A guaranteed 5-day turnaround


By law, you need to closely monitor a person’s working visa. WorkPro makes it possible for you to set an email auto-reminder to re-check.

When the check is first completed, if the person has limited work rights, you may set a date to be alerted for a re-check.

On the due date, you will receive an email alert to remind you to log back in to the platform to re-check.

Of course you can also log in to the platform at any time to run a report to check visas that are due for renewal between certain dates.


This function allows you to create training and screening ‘packages’.
Easily administered by you, this function will save you and your colleagues time and effort when sending a request, and create consistency of induction and screening across a project or group of workers.


Need to send a request to more than a couple of individuals? The bulk upload function allows you to quickly add names and email addresses, and send a request to a small group of people or create and send a csv file to a broader group of individuals at the click of a button.

8. Viewing & Validating a Candidate’s Induction

Validating a candidate’s completion of an induction is a mandatory part of meeting your compliance obligation. In a single view, you can:

  • See completed courses, expiry date, assessment, score
  • View completed background checks, citizenship and work rights.
  • Quickly make a new request to the candidate.
  • Produce the completion certificate.
  • View any validation history.

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