Managing Working with Children and Vulnerable People Checks

Request, collect, view, and validate a check and use the dashboard to monitor and schedule period re-checks.

Learning focus

  • Overview of the requesting and candidate application process
  • The importance of acknowledging a check and establishing a re-checking schedule
  • Drawing efficiencies for expiries

Administering Australian Police Checks

A quick and simple way to request and Administer Australian Police Checks online with turnaround times within the hour

Learning focus

  • An overview of the process
  • Tips and hints to avoid application rejections
  • Managing privacy, security and an overview of document retention requirements

Administering Probity Checks

A range of on-demand, on-line probity checks delivers a robust risk mitigation strategy

Learning focus

  • Overview of the checks available
  • Step-by-step overview of the application process
  • Responsibilities for the identity verification process and how results are managed

Administering Citizenship and Work Rights Checks

Seamlessly collect and verify an individual's citizenship, and validate their right to work in Australia

Learning focus

  • Overview of the requesting and application process
  • Configuration options for collecting Australian citizenship evidence
  • Overview of the VEVO integration
  • How to manage expiries and re-checking

How to Effectively use the Dashboard

Become familiar with your transparent dashboard to identify short-cuts and drive a greater level of efficiency

Learning focus

  • Colour-coding and symbols help to quickly identify status and certain actions
  • Understanding the quick action list
  • How to define views to suit your business requirements

Creating and Managing Requests

An overview of the requesting function and short-cuts that will help to minimise administration

Learning focus

  • Send a package or individual tasks to a candidate with a single click of a button
  • Send a bulk request to up to 100 candidates using a csv file
  • Quickly send a single task to an individual or a training package to one or 100 candidates

Creating and Managing Packages

How to build consistency and simplicity by defining standard packages to suit your workforce, a project or a group of workers

Learning focus

  • Quickly create packages that encompasses all of the WorkPro tasks to be completed
  • Send a candidate request with a single click, an individual or bulk request
  • Use the dashboard to view all of your packages, and add more tasks to a candidate request if necessary

Using Filtering

How to use the filtering function to quickly view information to drive action

Learning focus

  • Best practice filter
  • How to use single or multi-pronged filtering to quickly view information and make informed compliance decisions
  • Use the applied filter to complete an action at the click of a button - bulk VEVO check, bulk request, bulk induction verification

WorkPro's eLearning Program

Practical job and industry based learning modules delivered flexibly, aimed a providing the reader with a good knowledge of the risks and hazards of that role and or industry

Learning focus

  • An overview of the program and the course library
  • Induction delivery methodology, assessment and validity periods
  • Validating results including bulk validation and how to view the results of a candidate who has completed WorkPro for another employer

Effective Use of Licence, Ticket and Document Management

A robust yet simple methodology to request, collect, monitor and track specific employment related licences and certifications

Learning focus

  • Options to capture licences, tickets & docs for your entire workforce
  • Request candidates to upload copies of licences, or upload them on their behalf, and dictate viewing rights

Showcasing the FastTrack integration

WorkPro recently integrated with FastTrack, in order to provide a better experience to both FastTrack and WorkPro customers.

Learning focus

  • How FastTrack integrates with WorkPro
  • The benefits of the FastTrack integration for WorkPro customers

Showcasing the Bullhorn integration

WorkPro recently integrated with Bullhorn, in order to provide a better experience to both Bullhorn and WorkPro customers.

Learning focus

  • How Bullhorn integrates with WorkPro
  • The benefits of the Bullhorn integration for WorkPro customers

Administering NZ Ministry of Justice Checks

A simple means to submit and manage NZ MoJ Checks, including flexibility of selecting a turnaround time and payment options, including volume pricing

Learning focus

  • Simple application process
  • Understanding the Ministry's legal requirements and how to avoid application rejections
  • How WorkPro manages the privacy and security of information