What are the solutions to workplace stress?

What are the solutions to workplace stress?

Work Health and Safety Training - 23/12/2014

There is a lot of news out there about the levels of stress workers are experiencing, with many employers finding their employees are faced with a growing amount of strain in the workplace.

While these issues create a challenge for companies, there are many ways to achieve a better outcome for a stressed workforce. To help, here are three steps that can build a low-stress employment environment.

Understand the triggers

Some industries and professions are more stressful than others, making it important for companies to develop the right approach that can take into account these differences. Features like a low participation rate in decision-making can easily add to the stress workers experience on a daily basis.

Develop a tailored solution

Every worker is different, and every department within your company is going to face different levels and degrees of workplace stress. The solution for managers is going to be finding tailored solutions that can adjust to the variety of stress triggers in a workplace.

For example, if a large number of your workers are parents and they experience stress because they need to get through a full day’s work before picking up their children after school, consider flexible working. Not only will this reduce stress, it can also help to boost overall worker productivity.

Communicate with staff

Often the same workers who are experiencing stress in the workplace are also going to be the ones who know how to solve it. For example, workers who are facing a high workload may already have an idea of how these can be prevented, they just haven’t had the opportunity to raise these solutions.

Ongoing communication is also important as you implement these strategies. Any project you implement to reduce the amount of stress workers are experiencing is going to require ongoing maintenance in order to ensure that staff are receiving a measurable benefit.

Companies that want to address stress in the workplace can also download WorkPro’s free e-book. This document contains all of the information organisations need to address this stress in their workplace.

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