What challenges do remote workers face?

What challenges do remote workers face?

Work Health and Safety Training - 14/11/2014

Working in a remote environment carries with it a range of different issues. Not only does remote working come with a range of risks to employee well-being, it is also harder to address issues as they arise.

Fortunately, WorkPro has recently released an e-book on the topic of remote work. This is packed full of useful advice and tips for managing staff who are not directly being supervised.

To further help with identifying issues with remote working, here are three of the main issues that employees will face when operating remotely.

Type of work

Some work being carried out by remote workers can be classified as high risk. Working around heavy machinery for example, can easily lead to injuries for those operating far from their base of operations and presents a significant risk for all parties.

Sometimes, even relatively harmless work can become a hazard if repeated for long periods of time. When fatigue sets in, injuries become more likely, increasing the risks involved for your staff.

Location and time

Sometimes the location and timeframe that staff operate in is just as risky as the obstacles they face from the work itself. Employees on night shifts and certain jobs like cleaning will often involve operating in remote situations, even if they are in the middle of a busy city. 

No matter where or when your remote workers are operating, it is important to get the right processes in place to ensure that no harm comes to them.

Poor communication systems

Having adequate communication channels is important for any company, but particularly for remote workers, as risks are increased considerably.

If direct communication with Head Office or a manager is impractical, there are ways to ensure that communication is maintained. Even just having an emergency contact system in place that will work in every situation can be vital for providing a safe working environment.

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