Which positions require a police check?

Which positions require a police check?

National Police Checks - 13/10/2014

Some professions require a national police check as a mandatory part of their employment eligibility. Workers in childcare and the aged care sector for example, need to undertake a criminal background check to work in these fields.

However, that doesn't mean background checks should only be used when it is mandated by law. In fact, there are many positions that can benefit from a police check as part of the recruitment process.

Here are three particular positions where it may be advantageous to process a police check when it comes to hiring new staff.

Internal financial positions

When you have an internal department that handles corporate finances, it is important to screen these individuals to mitigate risks for you and your employees. Failing to do so may leave an organisation open to internal fraud, as individuals may abuse their position of influence for their own gain.

On top of police checks, spreading important financial processes across a number of different individuals can ensure that no one person has too much influence.

Handling sensitive client information

Often, even low-skilled workers can end up handling important client information as part of their day-to-day responsibilities. Information like credit card details and personal data can be a prime target for criminals, making it important to keep these details protected.

Conducting a police check on everyone who handles this information is one method of preventing data from being stolen internally.

Remote positions

Sometimes it isn't the nature of the work itself, but rather how people work that can create a risk of criminal activity. Remote workers are one example, with these individuals often placed in a position of trust. Companies may also lack the resources to effectively monitor the behaviour of remote employees, which makes it more important than ever to get the right processes when you hire staff.

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