WHS with contractors: Can you answer the inspector’s questions? [VIDEO]

WHS with contractors: Can you answer the inspector’s questions? [VIDEO]

Work Health and Safety Training - 29/04/2015


 Hello, and welcome to the WorkPro blog. Today, we’re continuing our series on Independent Contractors.

As we mentioned previously, both independent contractors and the companies that hire them share obligations to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, including staff.

If your organisation hires independent contractors, you may be called upon to answer questions from inspectors. They’ll want to make sure you’re maintaining, managing, monitoring and improving processes surrounding workplace health and safety.

You may need to be able to respond to enquiries such as:

  • How do you document your contractor management procedure?
  • Do you assess proposed contractors before engaging them?
  • Have you completed work health and safety inductions?
  • Can you provide documentation that your contractors have any relevant Safe Work Method Statements?
  • How do you deal with non-compliance?

These are just a few of the questions an inspector might ask. As a whole, remember to keep strong records and have a comprehensive program in place to manage shared responsibilities.

That wraps up our series on independent contractors. Stay tuned for our next series!

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