Why workplace stress requires continuous attention

Why workplace stress requires continuous attention

Employee Inductions - 23/10/2014

When it comes to addressing stress in a workplace, there are a number of different ways that companies can go about reducing the strain that workers are experiencing. Many companies set up policies and practices that are designed to identify stress among employees and then address it.

While this is obviously a great way to start the process of reducing workplace stress, it certainly isn't the only thing that companies need to take into consideration when it comes to developing a comprehensive approach to workplace safety. In fact, continually monitoring and optimising these processes is just as important.

So how can companies be sure they have the right processes to continuously improve their responses to stress in the workplace?

The first step is to measure the impact of your stress-reducing tactics in the first place. Gathering information on the impact of your workplace safety measures is going to be essential for demonstrating that these approaches are actually achieving a meaningful reduction in the stress levels among staff.

Another advantage of gathering ongoing data on any measures designed to prevent stress is that it can demonstrate a strong return on investment for senior managers and any other key stakeholders.

Once you have ongoing data, you also need to act on these changes. Creating a system where workplace stress measures are acted on and constantly refined will likely make the difference between a strategy that flounders and one that provides ongoing benefits for staff.

Finally, efforts to reduce workplace stress don't occur in a vacuum. Businesses will take on a new range of projects or will go through restructuring that can add to the stress employees face. Regulatory changes can also have an impact on the impact of your stress-reduction strategies.

For more on building a resilient, long-term strategy for addressing stress, make sure you download WorkPro's free e-book. This versatile resource will provide a greater insight into how companies can build a strong, uniform approach to stress in the workplace.

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