WorkPro is hosted within the Microsoft Azure data centre in Victoria. From time to time, underlying problems in the Azure infrastructure can have an impact on the WorkPro system. Azure is reporting to WorkPro that there is an intermittent issue with the underlying database that serves WorkPro. They are currently working with the WorkPro Platform Team to resolve the issue.

Work Rights Checks

Collect, view, validate, monitor, and auto-recheck your workers rights to work automatically using WorkPro’s seamless VEVO integration. Results are a 100% official and validated against the Home Affairs database with an official certificate. Never miss a check again!


up to 150 candidates


Annual Fee

(Billed annually in advance)


up to 250 candidates


Annual Fee

(Billed annually in advance)


up to 500 candidates


Annual Fee

(Billed annually in advance)


500+ candidates


Annual Fee

(Billed annually in advance)

What You Receive:

  • Ability to requests checks individually or in bulk
  • Option to submit checks individual or in bulk
  • The option to configure the system to collect additional identity documents to ensure 100% identity validation
  • The option to be reminded of particular re-checks
  • A single dashboard to view all checks
  • A robust filtering and reporting tool
  • Auto alerts for re-check reminders

*$630 one-off establishment fee applies. Find out what’s included >

Work rights checks are completed through our Department of Home Affairs Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) integration All prices are provided excluding GST

Why WorkPro?

  • Instant results using WorkPro’s VEVO integration
  • Comprehensive certificate with full disclosure
  • Local (and live) customer support
  • Compliance protection
  • Mobile optimised

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