WorkPro and Bullhorn: Now even #BetterTogether!   

WorkPro and Bullhorn: Now even #BetterTogether!  

bullhorn - 14/08/2019

Earlier this year WorkPro and Bullhorn launched their partnership, aimed at bringing a new level of efficiency, productivity and transparency to the recruitment process.

Stage 1 of the integration partnership allowed Bullhorn and WorkPro customers to seamlessly access WorkPro’s suite of services and functionality directly from the Bullhorn interface.

Now, as promised in our development roadmap, we are ready to implement Stage 2 of the integration!

We have commenced a pilot program where a small group of Bullhorn customers are able to configure and test a bespoke solution, allowing them to push selected data from WorkPro through to the Bullhorn platform. Once this testing has been successfully completed, the enhanced integration will be available for all customers to procure. The likely available date will be the end of September 2019.

From a functional perspective, this allows better filtering, enhanced search functionality and auto-alerts – all from within the Bullhorn platform.

From an end-user perspective, this brings a highly refined selection of job-ready workers to the attention of recruiters, reducing the time to find the right candidates.

The corresponding business opportunity has the potential to significantly enhance compliance and improve overall business processes and productivity.

Aaron McIntosh, Solution Consulting Leader and General Manager APAC at Bullhorn, states: 

“By providing access to WorkPro directly from within the Bullhorn platform, recruiters and administrators no longer need to juggle multiple systems and recall different log in credentials. This makes recruiters more efficient and increases the level of service to their clients and candidates.”

For further information about the WorkPro-Bullhorn partnership visit:


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