WorkPro Partners With Corvus Group!

WorkPro Partners With Corvus Group!

Read - 21/05/2019

Corvus has partnered with WorkPro to provide their clients with access to a simple, effective workforce compliance program.

WorkPro is pleased to announce an official partnership with Corvus Group, business lawyers and workplace advisors with over 50 years of combined senior legal and HR experience.

Corvus Group identified that workforce compliance was an opportunity for improvement for many of their customers, allowing them to understand, and easily meet and manage their legal obligations, while focusing on the things that will improve and grow their business.

“A significant portion of what we do is assisting our clients to position themselves for sustainable growth. We want to give them back the time to do what they do best and enjoy most, which is usually not meeting legal compliance requirements!” states Kim Grady, Associate Director of Corvus Group.

As customers of WorkPro over many years, Corvus Group have direct experience of how WorkPro can assist a business to streamline and automate their compliance requirements.

“It just makes sense to reduce the burden of these requirements as much as you can and we love the WorkPro solution as it covers off so many fundamental compliance responsibilities all in one system.”

“Having vast corporate experience, including responsibility for compliance over many years, we have lived the changes in the regulatory landscape, and the burden this presents to business,” states Tania Evans, CEO WorkPro. “WorkPro genuinely enables business to get on with their business secure in the knowledge that compliance can be readily managed.”

WorkPro and Corvus Group are #BetterTogether

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