WorkPro is a web-based platform that uniquely centralises a broad range of workforce compliance requirements in one place.


Regardless of the industry within which you operate, you have an obligation to deliver, manage and monitor a range of employment related compliance. These include mandatory work health and safety induction and elearning, Fair Work Statement and Australian work rights check. Depending on the role and your organisation, it may also include background or probity checks and licence/ticket monitoring.

WorkPro has built an enviable market reputation for helping workers and employing entities streamline these processes. The system enables an individual to get ‘work ready’ conveniently and in a timely manner, and provides employers with a single login to deliver, validate, track and manage the completion of employment related processes.

Compliance management extends to not only your permanent workforce, but also contractors, temps and volunteers.

Constant changes to legislation, coupled with a fast-paced workforce, means that compliance management can become complex and time-consuming. This is where WorkPro fits in.

The system’s design simplicity assists your employees to get ‘work ready’ quickly and conveniently. It provides you the opportunity to streamline the delivery and management of your employee compliance program via a single login.

Trusted by hundreds of companies across Australia and New Zealand, WorkPro delivers compliance confidence.

Explore our services below and use our cost savings calculator to compare the costs of WorkPro against your current staff induction program.

Do You Employ People?

We can help you with:

  • Access a practical course library that is job and industry based.

  • Minimise risk, meet your legal obligations and protect your business with comprehensive probity and background screening services.

  • Track & manage the currency of your employees licences.

  • Access to instant, transparent information through seamless VEVO integration.


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