Qualification Check

Verify academic qualifications with a powerful Qualification Check

When you’re a busy employer, the last thing you have time to do is verify academic qualifications for new candidates. With academic credentials playing a large part in the hiring process, businesses can’t afford the time, costs and resources that go into a new candidate who doesn’t have the real qualifications needed for success.

WorkPro’s Qualifications checks take the guess work out of hiring. An academic qualification check verifies that a candidate attended an educational institution and achieved the results listed on their CV or application.

100% verified checks

Our Qualifications checks use confirmed sources only

Confirmed sources

Our robust checks ensure 100% confirmations

Fast response times

Guaranteed turnaround time 3-6 business days

Global coverage

Check institutions around the world for full confidence

What does the Qualfications Check cover?

Validating information directly with the issuing institution, this check reveals the claimed qualifications(s). The check will verify:

  • Institution attended
  • Dates of attendance
  • Qualifications awarded
  • Graduation Date

What countries are covered?

Our Qualifications checks can verify academic records at institutions worldwide:

  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Japans & Korea
  • Taiwan & China
  • Pakistan, India & Philippines
  • Asia Pacific
  • Africa & Middle East
  • Europe
  • UK & Ireland
  • The Americas
  • USA & Canada
  • Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia

Why should I get a Qualifications Check?

It is important to ensure that your new employees have the knowledge and skills required to complete their role with competence. With forged education certificates becoming more common, the risk of hiring an employee without the right qualifications is increasing. A Qualifications check gives you the confidence and verifications to ensure your new employees are qualified for the job.

How are Qualifications Checks performed?

The following process is used to complete a Qualifications Check:

  • We Contact the awarding institution to verify the details of the candidate’s education.
  • Details are collected, including dates of attendance, name of qualification, graduation date.
  • As standard, the highest qualification awarded will be checked unless otherwise requested.
  • Only higher education verifications are completed (i.e. beyond high school).

The verification process is managed via telephone, fax, email or directly with the institution.

What do I receive as a result of the Qualifications Check?

A final report is returned to you as part of the investigation.

Do you require consent from the candidate to complete this check?

Yes, the candidate must consent to this check being undertaken for employment purposes.

Do you require original education certifications?

For some countries, the university or institution certificate is required to complete this verification. In this case, WorkPro will revert to you for this information.