Work Rights Check

Validate citizenship and Working in Australia with a Work Rights Check

All employers in Australia have a legal obligation to confirm new candidates are allowed to work in the country. For non-Australian citizens, you need to validate their work rights using the Department of Home Affair’s database (VEVO).

Our innovative, integrated VEVO service means you no longer need a separate VEVO account and checks can be carried out at any point in your recruitment process – with instant results. What’s more, the work rights checking service allows you to process and manage all of your checks at any point in your recruitment process – even if they’re not registered with WorkPro.

Rather than go directly to VEVO, choosing a partner like WorkPro gives you a range of additional features to make the whole process easier to manage, monitor and track.

Fast, official response

Get results back in moments

Compliance protection

Meet your legal obligations as an employer

Avoid fines & penalties

Ensure your workforce meets industry standards

Official Government partner

Platform integrated with VEVO database

What information can Work Rights Checks uncover?

The key risk for businesses comes from potentially hiring someone illegally, even unwittingly.  Most non AU citizens will be granted work rights, but how do you manage workers who are limited to work a certain number of hours each week? Businesses will need to be aware of these restrictions during the hiring process and during employment.

The same rules apply to individuals who have entered the country on a sponsored visa arrangement. If these individuals then look to find a new employer, that employer needs to take on the obligations associated with sponsoring a foreign worker in Australia and understand the arrangements and conditions surrounding the sponsorship.

Finally, there are times when an individual will not be eligible to work – if their visa is out-of-date, for example. In other cases, individuals may enter the country on a student visa that prohibits paid employment, a condition that employers will need to be aware of before hiring a new worker.

This information and detail will be uncovered through an online work rights through WorkPro, integrated with VEVO, making it a crucial step in mitigating the risks that come with hiring new staff.