Inductions and e-Learning

Request, Track & Manage Staff Inductions Online

Pick and choose from a broad library of job and industry safety inductions

Practical content written by safety industry specialists

Content that is updated to ensure it continues to meet national standards

Sophisticated filtering & smart notifications so you always meet your legal obligations

Flexible pricing to suit all range of businesses

Trusted by 1,000+ companies in Aus & NZ

The Smart Platform For Busy Employers

As an employer in Australia, you have a duty of care to look after your staff. You also have a legal obligation to ensure they are inducted and trained correctly to meet the compliance laws of your industry.

WorkPro helps you meet these obligations and puts you back in control of your workforce compliance, so you can spend more time on the things that really matter.

WorkPro is a powerful all-in-one platform that delivers, tracks and manages inductions & e-Learning for your workforce. It makes compliance and onboarding fast and simple, just like it should be.

With the freedom to access a broad library of practical learning and pre-built modules, powerful filtering tools and an easy to use company-wide dashboard, WorkPro is the perfect solution to meet workforce compliance in every industry.

Say goodbye to messy paperwork, multiple applications and spot check surprises, and hello to fast, cost-effective inductions you can trust. Join the revolution and induct & onboard your staff smarter with WorkPro.

Mobile friendly

Quickly request staff to complete inductions, or check progress on the go

One dashboard

Request, track, validate and monitor requests all in one place

Live support

WorkPro offers live phone and email support for rapid resolution

Portable profiles

If a staff member has a WorkPro profile, simply import their details and get them on the job instantly.

Practical industry content

WorkPro’s library of pre-built modules has been created by subject matter experts and legal specialists. WorkPro keeps your workforce on the leading edge, by guaranteeing they always learn the most updated skills and meet the latest compliance standards in your industry.

Flexible learning styles

WorkPro caters for all types of learning methods and styles. Our training modules are optimised with graphic, audio, video and written content to keep candidates engaged for longer and increase long-term retention of what they learn.

Inductions on your terms

WorkPro is online, so your staff or applicants can complete their basic inductions on the run, when and where it suits them. This gives you back more time to spend with your staff on the job.

Competency-based assessments

All WorkPro modules are easy to navigate, and include a compulsory assessment task at the end to test understanding of the content. Once passed, you receive a notification and can run progress reports across your entire workforce from the dashboard.

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Why choose WorkPro for my Inductions & e-Learning?

When it comes to your workforce safety & compliance, WorkPro is the all-in-one platform you can trust. We take the stress of manual paperwork and WHS changes to make keeping up with your legal obligations simple.

Here are some reasons why WorkPro is the only choice for Inductions & e-Learning:

  • Our training modules are created by subject matter experts, so your staff always get a consistent, complete and legally compliant induction – every single time.
  • Content updates to Australian standards in real time, so no matter what laws are current, your workforce will always be primed and ready for work with the best new skills. Every module meets current legislation.
  • Pre-built modules are available for every safety-related induction, and there is an extensive library of industry-specific practical content for sectors such as hospitality, retail, construction and on-hires for recruitment agencies. Choose the modules most relevant to each of your roles, and send an induction package to them in one click after you’ve set it up.
  • Flexible learning styles. Audio, written learning methods cater for all types of learning, because every employee learns differently. WorkPro’s training platform is self-paced with rich media to accommodate all types of learners. This includes audio, static images, Youtube clips, graphics and more for an engaging, relevant and effective induction.
  • All-in-one platform. WorkPro combines inductions & training, background checks and licence & certificate management in one simple platform. Send staff one onboarding package with a few clicks that includes all of these requests, and track & store their progress in one easy to use dashboard. WorkPro makes workforce compliance simple, so you can spend more time on your people.
  • Live phone support for businesses & individuals. We’re here to help you when you need it, so you can get back to work sooner. WorkPro offers full support for all users to ensure a smooth experience and get your workforce on the job faster.
  • Customise your WorkPro to give your users a tailored experience with your own corporate identity. This includes a specialised landing page for your business, the power to pick and choose modules displayed to candidates, ability to create your own internal training modules and more. It means your work health & safety training and policies are all integrated with your own website and platforms, ensuring a seamless experience without the costs and time of managing a training platform yourself.

How do I use WorkPro to meet compliance?

The WorkPro platform is an online tool to deliver, track & manage your workforce training modules.

You can get started in minutes, and it’s easy to send your staff induction packages for them to complete in their own time.

Use WorkPro in 4 steps:

  • Request – Select the tasks you need to be completed by each candidate via a secure, user-friendly platform. Send the request, and view the status in your dashboard. All with a single login.
  • The candidate receives the request and completes the training or induction task.
  • You receive a completion alert to view and validate within your dashboard.
  • Access reports and filters, and receive useful reminders to help you keep track of your company’s compliance.

Training modules are always updated to the latest Australian standards, so your workforce is always industry compliant.

WorkPro offers live phone support during extended businesses hours to ensure your inductions and workforce training never misses a beat.

What makes WorkPro an all-in-one solution?

The WorkPro platform offers more than just inductions & e-Learning.

It is the first all-in-one compliance solution for employers to deliver, track and manage all of their key tasks to meet the legal obligations of their industry.

WorkPro incorporates inductions & e-Learning, background checks and an online licence & document management tool into a single service. This allows you to save time, reduce costs and perform complex onboarding that meets compliance with the touch of a few buttons.

Every WorkPro packages comes with access to all three services. There is nothing you need to do to connect them together – once your dashboard is up and running, you’ll be able to screen, induct and maintain credentials for your staff all in one place.

How long does it take to get started?

WorkPro can be up and running in a matter of minutes, giving you complete access to a powerful online platform to make your staff compliance simple.

You can start sending training modules and induction packages to your employees on the same day. Choose from a huge library of pre-built modules, and create fast one-touch onboarding packages for every job role in under 5 minutes.

We offer one-on-one training with our specialists, access to our library of practical user guides online, and live phone support to ensure it’s all systems go from day one.


Customise Workpro with your own company branding

Take onboarding to the next level with a fully customisable platform. Upload your own content, add corporate identity & get a branded portal for your users

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Zenith Hospitality Solutions


Zenith was established in Brisbane in 1996 to support the fast growing hospitality industry with the staffing it needed for success. Focusing on international 5-star hotels, sporting stadiums and other premium customers, they needed a way to get staff screened, inducted and ready to go fast. Managing and moving 600 contractors ‘on demand’ with strict compliance laws is complex, so they went looking for a solution to take their offering to the next level. That’s where WorkPro came in.

Rusher Rodgers Recruitment Agency


What if you could reduce your staff induction costs by 83%? Just ask Rusher Rodgers, a boutique recruitment agency who began using WorkPro for on-hire staff in 2013. At the time they were spending 1 hour per candidate organising inconsistent induction processes that couldn’t be tracked. Finding a way to streamline was a top priority to move the business forward. After implementing WorkPro, they reported drastically lower costs, more time spent with clients, and peace of mind knowing their legal obligations were always ticked off.