Licence Management

The Smart Way To Track & Store Worker Licences

Manage key licences, certificates & accreditations in one place online

Notifications for every renewal so you never miss an expiry date

Easy upload & fast company-wide reporting

Be up and running in a matter of minutes

Track & manage your whole workforce from a single dashboard

Access from anywhere so you're always ready for a spot check

One Platform, No More Compliance Fines

Keeping licences and tickets current for your staff is critical for some industries, and mandatory in others. But let’s be honest – expiry dates and renewals can easily slick through the cracks when you’re running a busy workforce.

Meeting your legal obligations is important, and the last thing you need is a heavy penalty or fine for an expired licence or ticket. Using a spreadsheet or folder on the shelf can be useful, but it can’t send alerts and manage licences the way you really need.

WorkPro’s Licence Management is designed to make this part of business simple for everyone. It offers employers one online dashboard to upload, track & store their licences, certificates and accreditations for their whole workforce. Smart notifications ensure you never miss a renewal.

Our online platform is perfect for all industries and integrates seamlessly with your HR procedures. Easy upload for staff, fast company-wide reporting from the dashboard and a mobile-friendly site ensures you’re always ready for a spot compliance check.

Licence Management integrates with WorkPro’s background screening and online inductions, making it the only platform you will never need for your workforce compliance.


Easy Upload

Request your workers to upload documents online with a WorkPro login

Single Dashboard

See your workforce at a a glance & use smart filtering to check your workforce status

Smart Notifications

Stay on top of licence renewals with email alerts 30, 60 & 90 days from expiry dates

Compliance Protection

Automatically ensure your worker licences are current to meet industry requirements

How does WorkPro help you meet industry requirements?

Licences and tickets validate that a worker can perform certain roles to a safe and accredited standard.

In some industries, they are also a legal requirement for compliance. If a spot auditor shows up, you could face heavy penalties and fines if one person is found with an expired licence.

Many employers keep these records in physical files, spreadsheets or a folder on the computer. This can be useful, but it’s far too easy for renewals to slip through cracks – particularly if you’re running a large and diverse workforce.

WorkPro’s online platform gives employers a single dashboard to upload, track & store their licences, tickets and accreditations, with smart notifications to ensure you never miss a licence renewal again. It’s mobile friendly, so you can access your records anywhere, anytime you need them.

How does WorkPro help you meet workforce compliance?

Maintaining current licences and tickets in many industries is critical, if not mandatory. It ensures compliance with industry regulations or best practices that validate a worker can perform their job safely and to an acceptable level.

Every sector is monitored in some way, and for many employers, keeping licences up to date may not seem so important until a spot auditor knocks on your door and asks to see your records. This is where WorkPro comes in.

The WorkPro platform provides you with one simple online tool to upload, track & store all of your licences, tickets, and other accreditations. Smart notifications ensure you never miss a licence renewal, and a mobile-friendly site means you can access your records anywhere, anytime a spot auditor shows up.

WorkPro makes workforce compliance simple, so you can spend more time running your business.


Why choose WorkPro for Licence Management?

For many companies, licence management is a matter of pulling a folder off the shelf, opening an email folder or clicking into a spreadsheet.

It usually happens whenever a new worker is onboarded, or when someone remembers to perform a check.

But unfortunately, while these processes provide you with a place to keep cords, they’re still very much manual. It’s up to you to create them, update them and check them regularly, all which costs time and money.

Most importantly, they can’t tap you on the shoulder when you need it most – when a licence or certificate is about to expire. And if an industry regulator arrives and finds one record a day overdue, there won’t be leniency. You’ll receive a heavy on-the-spot fine and face monitoring from the regulatory bodies for years into the future.

WorkPro takes the frustration and stress out of licence management and workforce compliance. One online platform allows you to upload, track & manage licences, tickets, certificates and other accreditations for your whole workforce. It’s designed to make licence management simple by notifying you every time an expiry is approaching and making your records easy to access when you need them.

Spot audits aren’t worth the risk, and you shouldn’t be spending your time worrying about your licence management. Let Workpro’s easy to use platform take care of it for you.

How much does WorkPro's Licence Management cost?

Licence Management is FREE for all users with a WorkPro subscription.

This allows you to take full advantage of the power of WorkPro’s all-in-one platform to look after all of your workforce compliance needs.

You can use the platform to screen, induct and manage ongoing compliance for all of your staff, and keep all of the information in single staff profiles. No website hosting, no messy paperwork – just a simple solution that takes care of your onboarding so you can focus on more important things.

What else can I do with the WorkPro platform?

The WorkPro platform offers more than just background checks and screening services.

It is the first all-in-one compliance solution for employers to deliver, track and manage all of their key tasks to meet the legal obligations of their industry.

WorkPro incorporates background checks, Inductions & e-Learning and an online licence & document management tool into a single service. This allows you to save time, reduce costs and perform complex onboarding that meets compliance with the touch of a few buttons.

Every WorkPro package comes with access to all three services. There is nothing you need to do to connect them together – once your dashboard is up and running, you’ll be able to screen, induct and maintain credentials for your staff all in one place.

How long does it take to get started with WorkPro?

WorkPro can be up and running in a matter of minutes, giving you complete access to a powerful online platform to make your staff compliance simple.

You can start sending training modules and induction packages to your employees on the same day. Choose from a huge library of pre-built modules, and create fast one-touch onboarding packages for every job role in under 5 minutes.

We offer one-on-one training with our specialists, access to our library of practical user guides online, and live phone support to ensure it’s all systems go from day one.