WorkPro Podcast with Sarah Fox and Brad Adams, HR Dept
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WorkPro Podcast with Sarah Fox and Brad Adams, HR Dept

Board Portal | WorkPro - Make Workforce Compliance Simple - 08/08/2019

In this episode we meet with Brad Adams and Sarah Fox from HR Dept, to discuss how on-demand HR services are enabling SMEs to better manage and address key challenges in HR management. We also explore the opportunity for Australian businesses to more thoroughly attend to and manage HR needs, in order to better align people strategy with business growth strategy.


0:00 Overview of discussion topics. Introduction to Sarah Fox, International Franchise Manager, HR Dept, and Brad Adams, Director HR Dept, Lower North Shore, Sydney.

5:00 The business value outsourced HR services offer to SMEs.

6:50 Challenges arising from the diversity of HR legislation, restrictions and requirements, and different types of employment relationships. Preparing for, and handling employee termination.

9:40 Underpinning a business growth strategy with an HR strategy to match.

11:10 Managing complexity of HR by leveraging networks of knowledge and off-the-shelf resources.

16:15 Leveraging technology and automation for HR efficiency, compliance and performance.

19:35 Example of a small business that needs to induct 800+ contractors and employees each year.

21:02 Tips for better managing human resources.

23:25 Best practice perspectives comparing the UK approach to the Australian HR approach.


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