About Us

WorkPro was born out of a need to address workforce compliance.

Today’s business environment is very regimented with a growing focus on meeting a range of mandatory legal requirements, and that’s all before a person can jump in to a first day of work.

WorkPro recognises that as an employer your objective is to get someone in to work quickly so you can be more productive. So we set about building a web based system, aggregating a range of key employment related requirements in a single system to help alleviate the burden of managing compliance.


WorkPro centralises a broad range of workforce related compliance requirements:

  • A broad course library of WHS Inductions and e-learning modules
  • Licence/Ticket Management and monitoring function
  • Work Rights Check
  • National and International Police Checks
  • Credit and Bankruptcy Check
  • Employment History Check
  • Qualification Check

The uniqueness of WorkPro truly comes to bear once an individual has completed any process within the platform.
Once an individual is registered, they have the flexibility of sharing their digital WorkPro profile with employers into the future, rapidly reducing the time and effort to re-complete certain processes as part of the employment process.


Since 2006, more than 800 companies from a variety of industries across Australia and New Zealand, have adopted WorkPro as their induction and background screening partner of choice.

More than 1 Million individuals are registered and have completed a WorkPro process and more than 15,000 individuals register each month.

WorkPro is committed to continuing to revolutionise the market by building new services and functionality, introducing new training and induction modules and continuing to address these evolving workforce demands globally.
We invite you to be a part of the workforce revolution.