International Police Check

Unlock the power of WorkPro with a verified international police check

An international police check is the gold standard in candidate validation and verification. It empowers employers to receive a comprehensive background check on candidates from across the world, ensuring you always make the right decision about the people taking your business forward.

WorkPro’s international police checks reveal all reported criminal history globally for a candidate. Checks depend on the country, and can take from 2 to 30 business days depending on the information being assessed. WorkPro can provide an estimated timeframe once countries for the check are determined.

You will receive back a comprehensive analysis report, detailing all criminal activity of the candidate. You can then store this within WorkPro for a strong, streamlined onboarding process.

Powerful global reach

Check police history across a large number of countries

Fast, accurate results

Receive a detailed analysis report in just 2-30 business days

Safeguard your business

Prevent fraud and make highly informed hiring decisions

Integrates with WorkPro

Track and store requests in WorkPro, link to candidate profiles

Why Get An International Background Check?

Many candidates will have lived and worked overseas for a prolonged time. During this time, they may have incurred a criminal record or a number of reported activities which may affect your decision to hire someone.

Criminal activity that has happened overseas does not show up on National Police Checks.

An International Background Check fills in the blanks, and gives you the complete confidence that you’re making the right call on your new candidates.

Are these checks a legal requirement for my organisation?

It is recommended that all organisations take a risk-based approach to employment screening. This includes proper screening, including international police checks for candidates who have worked overseas for a period of time, as part of Australian Standard AS 4811:2006.

What is the scope of the International Background Checks?

A search of the databases of a recognised police service or court to reveals if the applicant has a disclosed criminal history record. Availability and scope varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Where a criminal record cannot be provided, a recorded criminal history can be included.

What is included in the final report?

A PDF report is provided with a full description of any disclosable outcomes. For some countries, a police certificate can also be provided, so if this is a requirement, please include this in your initial request.

How far back should I look with an International Background Check?

The recommendation is that all jurisdictions where a candidate has lived overseas for greater than 6 months over the past 10 years are checked.

What are the requirements to conduct this search?

  • Full Name (including prior names)
  • Date of Birth
  • Address (some countries require evidence of address)
  • ID or Passport Number
  • Photo Identification
  • Signed letter of consent (some countries require an additional consent form)