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Australian National Police Checks

Perform Australian police checks with a one-step application process for faster turnaround times

An Australian police check is becoming one of the most important tools an organisation can use to protect against theft and fraud. Transparency at the right time can help you formulate a view of an individual’s risk profile, and their fit within your organisation.

Trusted by thousands of companies, WorkPro’s superior national police check program enables you to hire confidently!

  • Simple 4-step ordering process
  • 100% online
  • Optimised for any device for checks on the go
  • Results returned within minutes
  • Be up and running within a couple of hours
  • Volume pricing options

The Game Changer

The game changer for you however, is WorkPro’s smart integration with the Department of Home Affairs Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) database. The provision of consent for a police check today includes four forms of identification. One of these is a commencement of identity document. For non-Australian citizens who cannot easily produce a birth certificate, a work rights check using the Department’s VEVO database is the only option.

This presents an issue, as the person needs to find their way to another database to gain this information, and then upload the result to be able to move to Stage 2 of the application process. Not so if your organisation is using WorkPro! WorkPro offers secure, seamless and integrated access to the database during the candidate application process, so they can instantly gain a result and upload the outcome as part of the application.

The function includes full disclosure, a formal certificate and an automatic alert if a work right changes. Additionally, this function and service is complimentary for all police check customers as part of every police check.

Don’t use a range of platforms when you can use one. Save time and resources and join the companies who submit more than 50,000 national police checks annually with WorkPro.

Start ordering Australian national police checks with WorkPro and streamline your background checks today.

Why choose WorkPro for Australian police checks?

Fast response

Results within minutes

Online ordering

Order checks online with easy 4-step ordering

One dashboard

Order, track and manage checks from a single dashboard

Government accredited

WorkPro connects to ACIC database for fast, official results

The national police checks platform built for employers

In the modern business world, busy employers want to make swift HR decisions. WorkPro was created to make screening new starters fast and simple for employers.

WorkPro returns 85% of national police checks within minutes, so you can get people on the job quicker. WorkPro is ACIC-compliant, so you can be informed about who you’re hiring. This way, you spend less time fixing hiring mistakes, and more time improving your business.

Easy company-wide reporting for compliance

The management of paperwork for Australian police checks is strict, and ACIC has high expectations and auditing requirements.
WorkPro makes this compliance simple by securely storing, archiving and destroying results in line with national standards automatically.

Flexible, on-demand pricing

We believe national police checks should be affordable and accessible for every business. That’s why we offer a competitive pricing structure for our checks, including volume discounts. National police checks start from as little as $44.00 for volume purchases.

With results within minutes, get started now.


Government accredited

WorkPro is one of only a few companies integrated with the Department of Home Affairs’ VEVO database. Request and complete a national police check all within WorkPro’s platform, and for non-Australians, perform a seamless, integrated check through VEVO.

Why should employers use national police checks?

Bad hiring decisions are costing Australian businesses up to $8.5 billion in theft, fraud, bad culture fits and other financial losses. That does not include the resources needed to recruit, onboard and train replacement staff when things go wrong.

A national police check is the number one step in the recruiting process for smart employers to mitigate risk and protect themselves against these burdens. For some industries, an Australian national police check is a requirement for individuals to legally work in a chosen field.
But while background checks are essential for good risk management, many employers find themselves with limited resources and time. Managing the paperwork and large number of accounts needed for background checking can be time-consuming and expensive.

Introducing… WorkPro

The WorkPro platform has been designed for ease of workflow. It offers one simple place to order, track and manage national police checks and more all from one powerful dashboard. Flexible pricing in arrears and volume pricing starting from just $44.00 per check makes background checks easy and affordable for everyone – how it should be.

WorkPro makes Australian police checks simple for employers, so they can always make quicker, smarter decisions with confidence.

In today’s employment environment, business is very structured, with a growing focus on meeting and administering a range of mandatory legal requirements. Many of these occur prior to a person commencing on day one!

That’s why we established WorkPro – a web-based, intuitive system that centralises core employment requirements to help relieve the burden of compliance. Integrated with various Government databases and contemporary technology platforms, WorkPro welcomes you to a new way to screen, induct and onboard!

Today WorkPro offers a broad course library of practical industry and job related safety modules, a range of on-demand background checks, an integrated citizenship and work rights check, and an easy licence/ticket/document management function.

But our commitment is to continue to build on our features and functions to ensure recruitment and induction remains easy.

VISA457check - Australian Police Check

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Are online police checks secure?

When individuals and businesses look to complete an online police check, a worry may be the security of the system and processes, given the sensitive nature of the information.

WorkPro’s software is secured in line with the ACIC’s stringent security and audit terms, and WorkPro regularly undertakes internal and external testing to ensure it remains in line with ACIC’s, as well as the Australian Government’s, legislated requirements.

The WorkPro system also manages the security, archiving and destruction of information in accordance with national Privacy Standards and ACIC’s terms of service.
Not only does this create an incredibly safe system for applicants, it also reduces the administrative burden for businesses.

What makes WorkPro the number one solution for background checks?

You need complete confidence and peace of mind when making hiring decisions. That’s why WorkPro offers a powerful platform designed to give businesses access to one dashboard for all your screening needs:

• All of your background checks in one place: use WorkPro to request, track and manage all of your checks and screening services from a single account. Simply order the check you need when you need it, and track the status until it’s complete. It’s that easy. You no longer need multiple tabs open, invoices from different parties and complex paperwork that can’t be tracked.

• Send bulk requests: WorkPro’s simple one-touch onboarding allows you to set up your own job packages with multiple background checks. When checking candidates for a role, you can click one button and send it out to all of them at the same time.

• Easy for candidates: you send the request, WorkPro handles the rest. Once you’ve submitted your check, we notify the candidate via email and provide them with an online platform to upload and submit the required details. This process is different for every check. WorkPro is mobile friendly and all users can access live phone support to ensure the request is completed quickly and easily.

• All-in-one compliance solution: WorkPro is a trusted platform that provides Inductions and e-Learning, Background checks and Licence and Document Management services to customers in a single dashboard. This means one profile for your staff to track and manage all of your pre-employment screening, training and inductions, and ongoing licence compliance.

WorkPro takes the stress out of screening and compliance, so you can focus on the more important things – like growing your business.

What else can I do with the WorkPro platform?

The WorkPro platform offers more than just background checks and screening services.
It is the first all-in-one workforce compliance solution for employers to deliver, track and manage all of your key tasks to meet the legal obligations of your industry.
WorkPro incorporates background checks, inductions and e-Learning and an online licence and document management tool into a single service.

This allows you to save time, reduce costs and perform complex onboarding that meets compliance with the click of a few buttons.

Have any questions about national police checks?

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