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New Zealand Ministry of Justice Check

Get greater flexibility and control of your screening with WorkPro’s Ministry of Justice Check service, and start verifying your candidates quickly and with confidence today.

Request, track and manage your checks with official results from a smart dashboard, and choose the service option per check to suit your budget and business – all with a single subscription.

MoJ Checks your way with WorkPro

100% online with access from any device
Flexible pricing & unique candidate interface
Automated reminders to keep candidates on track
Live phone support you can rely on
Option with each check for guaranteed 4-day turnaround
MOJ Check

Take control of your MoJ Checks with WorkPro

New Zealand Ministry of Justice Checks are a key element of recruitment and risk management, revealing critical information about criminal and traffic conviction history.

WorkPro makes it simple to screen with MoJ Checks, providing employers with an online dashboard to request, track and store checks for more control of candidate activity and guaranteed turnaround times.

One subscription gives you access to a powerful MoJ Check platform that offers a seamless experience for candidates and a smart, cost-effective and automated solution for busy administrators.

How WorkPro MoJ Checks work

Step 1: Send your MoJ Check Request

Use your WorkPro online dashboard to send a new request to your candidate.

With each New Zealand Ministry of Justice Check request, you’ll have the option to choose a WorkPro Direct MoJ Check.

This will guarantee a 4-day turnaround, plus receive live candidate support, ability to pre-fill candidate details and the opportunity to send the MoJ Check request as part of a job package that includes other essential background checks.

Step 2: Accept or Reject Existing MoJ Check

WorkPro will then ask the candidate if they have an existing, valid MoJ Check, which they can upload if available.

Administrators can view the document and accept or reject it.

If the existing MoJ Check is accepted, it will be stored securely in your WorkPro dashboard to view anytime and the process is complete.

Step 3: Get your MoJ Check

If a new MoJ Check is needed and WorkPro Direct MoJ Check was not selected at the start, the WorkPro platform will direct the candidate directly to the New Zealand Ministry of Justice’s online portal to complete the check themselves.

In this case, the candidate will be fully responsible for completion. The WorkPro platform will send reminders to encourage them to finish it.

If the WorkPro Direct MoJ Check option was selected in Step 1, the candidate will next be prompted to complete the MoJ Check on the spot inside WorkPro. Our platform connects with the New Zealand Ministry of Justice to fast-track completion, and allow you to track and monitor progress in real-time in your WorkPro dashboard. Results are returned in 4 days.

The completed WorkPro Direct MoJ check will be stored securely in your WorkPro dashboard for reporting and compliance.

Package with Other Background Checks

WorkPro puts a range of background checks at your fingertips, so you can send comprehensive screening requests in just a few clicks.

Build the right screening program for your candidates with packages that include New Zealand Ministry of Justice Checks as well as Reference Checks, Employment History and Financial & Business Regulatory Checks.

Preset your packages, and send it all, anytime, anywhere to new candidates with one request.

WorkPro makes your screening and compliance simple.

WorkPro Direct MoJ Check

With every new request, you’ll have the option to process a new MoJ check (if required) using WorkPro’s secure integration.

For candidates that need to be screened and ready fast, a WorkPro Direct MoJ Check provides administrators with greater control and convenience, plus a guaranteed 4-day turnaround they can trust.

If this option is selected, candidates that do not have an existing MoJ check will be immediately prompted to complete the check on the spot within WorkPro. You’ll get notifications on progress, live support from us, and official results you can count on. A superior candidate experience that works for you too.

Real-time updates from the WorkPro dashboard
Complete MoJ check on candidate's behalf
Guaranteed turnaround time: 4 days
Live support for administrators & candidates
Retain control of your MoJ Checks

Trusted brands rely on WorkPro

Simple, Flexible, Fast

See for yourself how easy it is to manage MoJ checks with WorkPro

MoJ Checks with flexibility and control

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Learn more about WorkPro MoJ Checks

How does the pricing for WorkPro's MoJ Check service work?

WorkPro’s MoJ Check service is an annual subscription fee. 

Once the service is enabled, you have a couple of options. The first option includes using the WorkPro dashboard to request, track and store your New Zealand Ministry of Justice Checks, with an intuitive interface for candidates. With every request, the WorkPro platform asks the candidate if they have an existing MoJ Check. If they do, it can be uploaded and stored. If they don’t, WorkPro will connect the candidate to The New Zealand Ministry of Justice portal to complete the check. The WorkPro platform will send automatic reminders that will invite them to upload their check to your WorkPro dashboard.

The second option is using a WorkPro Direct MoJ Check, which can be selected when submitting a new MoJ Check request. If this is selected, the candidate will still be asked for an existing document. Only if they do not have one, or their document is rejected by the administrator, are they prompted to complete the check inside WorkPro. A single per-check fee is incurred for every WorkPro Direct MoJ Check that is processed and completed – you’re not charged if this is selected and the candidate has an existing MoJ Check.

What does a Ministry of Justice Check reveal?

The Ministry of Justice Check, also known as an MoJ Check, is an New Zealand police check that verifies criminal history as well as traffic convictions that are recorded under a candidate’s name in New Zealand.

When the MoJ Check is returned, you will receive a transcript that shows all of the candidate’s records, if they have any. These results are stored securely in the WorkPro dashboard to so they can be searched and used for reporting and proving compliance later.

Can I pre-fill candidate details for them?

Yes. With a WorkPro Direct MoJ Check, you have the option of pre-filling a candidate’s details on their behalf to complete the New Zealand Ministry of Justice criminal history check.

Does WorkPro provide official MoJ Check results?

Yes. WorkPro is an accredited partner of the New Zealand Ministry of Justice.

When a WorkPro Direct MoJ Check is processed, our platform provides official, direct results from The Ministry’s database via our powerful integration. 

This allows businesses to get the benefits of WorkPro, including real-time updates, a transparent platform, live support and the ability to package MoJ Checks with other background checks and inductions modules, while also getting fast, secure results they can trust to make informed decisions.

Learn more about WorkPro MoJ Checks

Can I use the WorkPro platform for other background checks?

WorkPro is a powerful all-in-one platform that offers a comprehensive range of background checks to address your business, compliance and recruitment needs.

By using WorkPro, gain access to the full suite of on demand background checks. This means you can order the checks any time it suits you – giving you centralised control over your screening process.

Each background check attracts a different turnaround time and fee, and can be used to verify a wide range of critical information to help you hire the best candidates for your roles:

  • Australian Police Check: Verify a candidate’s criminal history with momentary results. Important for being able to make rapid business and recruitment decisions.
  • Employment History Check: Verify a candidate’s previous places of employment to understand if their previous experience will be suitable for your role. Some of the details we collect include dates of employment, previous positions held, salary and reasons for leaving previous roles. We typically obtain employment data dating back seven years, but for directors or senior executives, this can be extended beyond 10 years.
  • Qualification Check: Confirm the candidate’s certifications are legitimate. The institution and the highest qualification the candidate has listed are verified.
  • International Police Check: Protect yourself, your workforce and your business. Our international police checks reveal a candidate’s criminal history, regardless of where they lived in the past, part of a robust screening program.
  • Credit and Financial Check: Gain valuable insight into a candidate’s financial history and relationship with debt. Conducted via an online search of an Australian or New Zealand credit bureau, the report includes the last seven years of data. We’ll provide you with a final copy of the report for your records.

By partnering with government and private bodies, WorkPro is able to deliver background screening service when you need them, enabling you to comply with all relevant legal requirements, minimise the chances of a hiring the wrong person and ultimately protecting your business.

What else can I do with the WorkPro platform?

The WorkPro platform offers more than just background checks and screening services.

It is the only all-in-one workforce compliance compliance for employers to deliver, track and manage all of their key tasks to meet the legal obligations of their industry.

WorkPro incorporates background checks, Inductions & e-Learning and a smart licence & document management tool in a single service. This allows you to save time, deliver a superior candidate experience screening and onboarding, reduce costs and meet necessary legal obligations with the touch of a few buttons.

Every WorkPro package comes with access to all three services. There is nothing you need to do to connect them together – once your dashboard is up and running, you’ll be able to screen, induct and maintain credentials for your staff all in one place.

How long does it take to get started?

Contact us here to open an account and start ordering your MoJ checks with WorkPro. Or you can call us on +61 1300 975 776. Your account can be set up and ready for you to order MoJ checks in a matter of minutes.

You will receive full access to your personal online dashboard, where you can order, track & manage all of your background checks from start to finish.

We also offer one-on-one training with our customer success team and have access to live support for both you and your candidates to ensure your background checks are completed smoothly.

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