How Hospitality Can Improve Their Hiring Processes

How Hospitality Can Improve Their Hiring Processes

Read - 25/05/2018

The hospitality industry is nimble and very fast-paced. Turnover is high, and often, hospitality workers will work at multiple venues in different environments, perhaps even under different conditions. Support for individuals in the hospitality industry is so important, especially when it comes to training and onboarding. By giving workers the training support they need, they will become a valuable asset to your business, and meet and maintain compliance, as well as engaging quickly.

At WorkPro, we’re passionate about helping hospitality. Through WorkPro, you can standardize onboarding processes, including background checks, training, collect certifications and accreditation and inductions online. The hospitality industry is one where turnover is high, as well as having seasonal peaks and troughs, so it always helps to have an onboarding platform that you can rely on.

Now that onboarding is covered, where can you go to find great staff to onboard? Sidekicker are an example of a business that can externally help to engage, train and retain hospitality staff. With hospitality, like a lot of casual industries, determined by demand, it’s easy to get caught out in times of unexpected needs. Sidekicker help to alleviate this by providing staff on-demand. They help to smooth out the peaks and troughs of staff shifts, leaving you more time to provide the best experience possible to your customers. This also removes the stress of having to constantly re-train employees as staff is turned over. Your service staff not turned up for their shift? Need a barrista? Easy. Quickly engage staff using Sidekicker.

In the same vein is JobGetter. JobGetter matches employees with employers, allowing people to find the best fit for the role they’re looking to fill. Both these companies take away the hassle of recruitment for hospitality leaders, and allow them to focus on other aspects of their business. Recruitment is a time-consuming process, especially in such high-turnover industries, and these disrupters are changing the game.

If you’re looking to gain an edge over your competition, or just want to make sure you’ve got staff who have been onboarded properly whenever and wherever you need them most, there are a number of HR specialists like WorkPro who are here to help. Find out how we can assist with industry-specific inductions and training here, and get back to what you do best. If you’re looking for more information about how you can engage your workforce, specifically young workers, read our free e-book and learn from real-life examples.

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