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  • Common Terms & Definitions
  • WHS Law and the On-Hire PCBU Web
  • The Operation of ‘Reasonably Practicable’ In the On-Hire Industry
  • Multiple & Shared Duties
  • Case Law and Case Studies
  • Safety at Client Sites
  • WHS for On-Hire in Summary

Work Health & Safety for Contractors in ON-HIRE

Today’s workforce is punctuated by a blended workforce, made up of permanent employees, casual labour, temporary staff, contractors and labour hire workers. Managing and monitoring work health and safety is every parties responsibility, but in on-hire contracting this can be particularly complex given there may be multiple parties involved in managing the individual.

This e-book carefully outlines the work health and safety obligations and responsibilities for this workforce classification and is an ideal resource to collaboratively educate and inform each party of their role and help employers define systems of work.Revised Australian WHS Model Laws clearly dictates that when a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) engages a ‘worker’ to perform work, they have a ‘primary duty of care’ to that worker. A ‘worker’ also includes an Independent Contractor under modern WHS Law.