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Workplace Bullying eBook


  • What is workplace bullying?
  • Inquiry into workplace bullying (NEW)
  • Bullying law reform (NEW)
  • Tools for preventing and resolving workplace bullying
  • How prevalent is workplace bullying in Australia? (NEW)
  • Case studies
  • Legislative overview (NEW)

Workplace Bullying

Bullying at work is a major problem in Australia and New Zealand, impacting over 50% of the workforce at some point in their careers.

It is important for employers to identify, take action and monitor bullying in their own workplaces to ensure it doesn’t affect their business.

This free Workplace Bullying eBook is a quick guide for managers. It contains all of the latest laws and reforms you need to know, strategies to control and stop the issue, and a checklist you can use to create a simple and effective anti-bullying policy in your own workplace.