The Challenges Facing HR in Hospitality

The Challenges Facing HR in Hospitality

Blog - 18/05/2018

The hospitality industry is one of the most volatile job industries out there. Turnover is rife, with many people moving from job to job in search of better hours, better pay, or often just a better environment. So how can HR keep up with the demands that the workforce in this industry have?

Arguably, the most important aspect of a good hospitality employee is good training. This will often include cross-training, but can equally include specialist training that turns an employee from serviceable to a star. Approximately 55% of hospitality businesses in Australia have less than 20 employees, so flexibility is a must, as well as being able to learn quickly. By implementing a regimented and in-depth training program, businesses can save themselves issues down the track (especially when it comes to busy periods).

As mentioned before, turnover is one of the main issues facing hospitality businesses. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to attract employees, with countless job advertising boards popping up online. However, how do you stand out from the competition? Some businesses go above and beyond, such as launching a Masterchef-style competition, but obviously, not every business has the resources (or time) to do this. Making sure you’re targeting your adverts, rather than using a scattergun approach, will not only attract a better level of applicant, but make sure you’re not wading through countless job applications.

There’s an age-old debate over whether you should be hiring based on skills, or potential. This is especially important when it comes to hiring for the hospitality industry – do you pick someone that you know will be a solid worker, or pick someone who’s a little more ‘green’, but seems like they have the potential to be a long-term member of your team? This is where the training comes in. If you don’t have a proper training program in place, you are coerced into hiring based on skills. However, with a robust training program, you have the luxury of hiring based on potential.

If you’re looking to make sure your employees are up-to-date with their training, or just looking for some peace of mind, WorkPro can help. Check out WorkPro to find out how we can help your business prosper.

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